Or....Is it a Scam?

The author will evaluate various online programs and offers  – Then offer his opinion  – which is Legit or a Scam..

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Weight Loss & Good Health


Scientific facts for loosing weight and good health?


Online Training Courses


What you need to know to make money online?


Online Contests


Does anyone win the prize in an online contest?


This site is an evaluation site.  You can expect an educated opinion to help you decide.  As the name implies – Legitorascam.com – the author will evaluate various online programs and offers – then provide his experienced opinion on how effective or non-effective a situation is.

The author has over 40 years experience running businesses and evaluating and improving them – plus – he operated in the health industry (in particular) – the weight loss venue. 

This site will evaluate various online programs through his blogs –  offer his evaluation and opinion based upon years of experience plus his research and some common sense.

He will also evaluate all affiliate products offered on Legitorascam.com in a blog format. 

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Online Contests - An area of evaluation and advice.

An evaluation site of whether the contests are real and legit or a scam.  This will also offer our vacation giveaway contest which will allow affiliate ads related to vacationing.  There will also be a survey associated with this that will provide questions to lead to the other areas within the site.

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Online Training Courses are everywhere - Which have value?

This will evaluate MLM programs, Affiliate Marketing Courses, Online Colleges.  The affiliate links in this section will be in programs offered and website tools and possibly eBook or Books related to the subject. 

This information will guide you to the Online Training Courses that have Value!

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Weight Loss and Good health critiques here.

These blogs will be about weight loss methods, the programs and products related to weight loss, single product claims and exercise programs.  The authors vast experience and knowledge will allow scientific and educated evaluation of various related topics.   He will offer his own weight loss diet as well as links to purchase the appropriate products to follow it.    The other blogs will be evaluation of other programs and offers – what might work – and what will not – based upon his 40 years in the industry.

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Wealthy Affilaite

College level internet training for free.

Take a look – free access to Wealthy Affiliate – see how it works.

Try the training for free – test it — it is complete training course for you. 

Test it yourself – you need to be dedicated to learning – but it's all there!

Online Buyers Club for Household Goods

This an Online Buyers Club – like a Costco or Sam's Club – But – it is household products.  You must buy these products every month.   These products are non-toxic – safer for your family – betterc for you. They come direct from manufacturer to your door.   When you like them – (96% return and buy each month).  You can then refer others to buy – and thne receive referral income. Simple! 

A Women's Weight Control Program - Complete!

Weight Control is on most minds.  My strongest background is this area.  The program Healthful Pursuit is complete – lead by a strong weight control “coach” – will work for you if you will participate.  I like it – go take a look.

A Florida Vacation Giveaway Experiment

We evaluated online contests.  We decided to try one of our own and test results. We are awarding a vacation prize.  We will chart the progress – as a marketing tool. We will post those results here.  We will create an email list using a registration survey – we will share the process and result with you. So please – go register to win yourself – follow our progress.   We will post the effectiveness.  Come back to this site often for reports.  If the program is strong – we will share the process in the future so you can use it too.

Top Picks At This Time

At the moment we are evaluating 3 areas that interest us.  The featured programs are:

1. Online Training Courses.  The premier online training course appears to be Wealthy Affiliate.   It is an online “college level” course that will provide everything you need to get an online business up and running.  It is the building blocks you need to do anything online -without this knowledge you can't work on line.  You can look at it – and try -the “college”  it for free. (as a personal note and after trying it myself) – you MUST start with the Certification Training portion of the training and go completely through it – it does take time – study just like any good school – you must stay focused on the courses – do not get distracted or stray to other subjects or ideas – if you will follow it exactly – it will work.  As you learn the college level courses and how to market your sites. – As you get enrolled further into the training – they provide free websites and hosting within your program – you will learn how start a business – you can also be able to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program on your internet creations – then receive referral income from Wealthy Affiliate.
The second online training course is a business opportunity.  It is an Online Buyers Membership Site.  It involves marketing an online buyers site that offers most household goods from manufacturer to your door.  It is a membership club -like a Costco or Sams Club only online.  You use the products yourself and like them – you can then also refer people to buy from the “club” – you receive referral income for doing so   The business model appears sound because of the diverse product selection – of over 400 products – and products you must you must use now no mater where you buy them.
2. Weight Loss and Good Heath.  My longest running area of experience is in the weight loss and health industry – since the 70's.   I am a “bit of an expert at evaluation” of what will work and what will not.  I found a weight control program for women that evaluates as VERY STRONG and complete.  This program – if you will follow it exactly and invest in your learning with dedication – this program Healthful Pursuit by Leanne Vogel will provide all you need.  It will help you loose and help you stay fit and at your goal weight.  Look it over and let me know what you think.  From a business point – if you have a website that focuses on good health – you can get an affiliate program link where you can market her program on your site.  You can receive an affiliate income for doing so.  I is a membership site so it would be ongoing income.   I like this young lady's enthusiasm, knowledge and honesty with her own struggles and successes.  Take a look for yourself.
3. Online Contests – because – we are trying one of our own to see how well it works for us.  We want to know whether people will like it – if they will sign up and enter – and – we want to know if the winner uses the prize and will tell everyone about it.  Florida Vacation Giveaway.
As far as a useful business tool.  An Online Contest is used to develop a useful email list of people who have answered a survey of other areas of interest.  You then can create an email campaign – using their indicated area of interest – plus you keep them coming back to the contest page registration page to like and share and comment to build a bigger list.  While you occasionally give them good offers to their indicated area of interest.  The claim is you can build a useful email list thousands strong. we are testing that.\



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