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What is Wealthy Affiliate?  Is it legit or a Scam?  What is my experience with it?

First, I should preface my answer by saying, I am about as un-techy as anyone you will ever encounter. 

However, I am determined to make money online as you may be also. 

For me – Wealthy Affiliate has ALL the information you could ever want.  If you can find it and you use it as they instruct you –  You CAN understand it!  But  – you must have patience and learn.

Here is their link – but read on first.


I believe for the complete novice with little or no website building experience or persuasive writing skills – you can become overwhelmed by all the information you will need to learn.  But – go back to your childhood mindset – have patience and some have fun – then and learn.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the information there for you to learn and use.  You MUST take the time to learn it – YOU CAN NOT SHORT CUT IT!

There is no, “make thousands of dollars with little effort – It is easy!”   It does not not work that way.

It takes time to learn – but if you do – you can make it work and can make money.

If you are one to give up by little setbacks or failures – you will not succeed.  It is up to you – all you need to learn is there and more!

Wealthy Affiliate has a complete “university” of programs and instructions and instructors.  There is an entire network of like-minded people – all looking for the same thing – success on the internet.  There are courses – there are people to answer any and all questions you have -But you need to do the work!

You must work at it.  You must understand it takes time and learning.  The information and instruction is all there for you!

Like all things in life – if you are willing to put in the time and learning and practice – you can learn a skill.

Remember when your learning was fun and considered your playtime  – as a kid.   

You need that “learning is fun” again – not the “old people” idea – “I can’t fail – it’s not an option”.  You can not avoid the work because you are afraid of failure.  All learning is “little failures” to achieve your end result.  If you don’t experience the small failures – adjust – and try again – you cannot succeed!

On the other hand – “if you enroll or pay for a program that cannot answer any and all questions you have – as well as offering access to other experienced people to answer the questions you are unsure of – the program itself can cause your lack of success.” 

RE-read above again – as it is crucial.  

The program needs to have the instructing and answers or you fail.  If you don’t do the learning you fail.  You need both!

If the program is faulty – you fail no matter what the effort.  If the program has all you need and you can’t “suffer” through the learning process and “suffer” through the beginning “failures” of your learning and practicing curve – then it is on you.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the answers if you look and learn – period! Take the time and effort and you can succeed – push past frustrations and “little failures” while you learn – make it fun learning again – and you succeed. 

Go back to your childhood when learning and little failures was part of play.  You fantasized in your practice about being great – it was fun.  You were Michael Jordan or Tom Brady (heaven forbid – I hate New England) or Sidney Crosby.  You practiced and “messed up a little” as part of your playtime and did it with glee.  You were that great player in your minds eye while you practiced and learned.

You fell off the bicycle and got back on.  You missed the baseball pitched to you.  You sounded absolutely awful as you learned to play that piano or trumpet.  You recited a poem or the multiplication tables with “little failures” as you got better and nearer perfect.

Find people to encourage you – the Wealthy Affiliate group are all there to encourage and critique you with positive teachings that further your learning.  They will coach you – you can keep it fun and positive.

Go look to WA if you want to look it over.  https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=fea5ff8d

People have a tendency to become a victim of information overload – they become a “junkie” of looking for the quick fix – they panic to make money now!  They look at many programs vs. organizing with “the one” for their education.

Find that ONE program that seems to suit you and stick with it.  It will not be instant success – it will be “little failures” that you correct and do again –  or – do you differently the next time.  Fantasize your money coming in – like in your playtime as a kid – hit that shot.

I played many sports when I was a kid.  It was fun to learn and fail and learn some more.

The fun was in learning and getting better with no expectation we would be an expert from day one.  We kept our fantasy of becoming the best while our practice was our “fun” – our “playtime”.  We played games with our childhood friends and practiced with them or with our coaching – many times that was our dads.

We pretended to be a star. It was fun for us.  Learning and accepting our “failures” in order to learn was part of growing up.

What happened to us?   You need that again now.

We decided “little failures” were a “real permanent failure” and we gave up before we learned.  We decided a little failure was not worth the end result – we got/get stuck in one place. We don’t keep trying – practicing. As adults, we quit finding our small “failures” part of our fun.  We put too much pressure on ourselves – we can’t have little “failures’ any longer.  Why is that?

Okay the end of the reality lecture – What does Wealthy Affiliate actually offer?

What you will learn.

  1. You can start and try it for free for 30 days. See if it is for you.
  2. They provide 2 free websites to begin your own to work on – with their instructions.
  3. They resemble a college – they have courses laid out to get you to “graduation”. A working and

functioning website that can make you money after or while you learn.

  1. There the offer a certification process.

The have an entire course laid out – getting started – building your own traffic producing website – making

money – mastering social engagement – achieving maximum success through content creation.   (You

simply start with course one – lesson 1 – in order – and follow through.  (It must work – if you do!)

  1. When you are done with th course – you can be up and running.
  2. WA also offers Affiliate Bootcamp where you can learn to market Wealthy Affiliate and share in their

income – something you will soon understand – anyone that wants to make money online needs WA.  This is

university grade education is less expensive than all others I have found.  And – without the constant chasing you with unending up-      selling for more money – WA is best in the value in the market place – but you judge that for yourself – try it for free.  Don't take my        word for it.   Go look https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/?a_aid=fea5ff8d

I can go on and on about what all they have for you.  I will continue to add my personal posts – updating you on my personal program.  But – you should judge the program for yourself.    If you will do the work – this program has ALL that you need to make it work and be successful.

Go check it out for yourself.   https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=fea5ff8d

In conclusion. Is this Legit or a Scam?  It is definitely Legit – one of the best values – most complete instructions _ if you will do the work – ask the questions – and push on.


By David Kerchner  4.23.2017


Check back often to see my progress.