Should you exercise while you are dieting?   NO!

I am going to tell you something I believe whole-heartedly.   It is based upon decades of medical charts and my personal experience and observations.  Before you condemn this idea – read this article.


If you need to lose a considerable amount of weight (20+ pounds).  Do not begin a vigorous exercise program also.

Exercise is great and healthy and needed.  Everyone should exercise – at the proper time.

Let me explain!

After owning and operating weight loss centers for over 15 years – as well as advising hundreds to lose since that time – losing large amounts of weight takes discipline, conscious planning and work.  So -to also start an exercise program while experiencing drastic weight loss can cause problems.

Loose the weight first.

There are many things to learn and plan in order to lose large amounts of weight-FAT.

A very restrictive “Ketogenic” diet is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to lose your weight as fast and safe as possible.  But – you must know what it is you are doing and why.  Women will lose 3.5 pounds of FAT every week and men 5 pounds.

I can teach that program – I am experienced with it.  I used it and taught it for decades.  But not in this article.  This is why you should do it this way.  Lose the weight and then exercise.

To lose fat – It takes careful planning and very specific foods and supplements.   You are regulating your blood sugar level so you are not tired or hungry ever!  Your energy level will increase, your digestion will improve, you overall health can improve.  And – you will lose at your optimum, maximum and safest rate.

You can lose more weight than the average – on the scale – the first few weeks – but over the course of the entire weight loss period your body will burn 3.5 pounds a week as a woman and 5 pounds as a man of fat – averaged over time.  It is scientific, measurable and guaranteed if you follow the program.

There are formulas to determine your daily calorie needs.  It is calculated using your ideal body weight – your activity level and an age correction factor. (you need less calories as you age.)  You can plug in the numbers and get your daily needed calories.  Scientific – measurable – and irrefutable FACT.

A ketogenic diet is designed to put you in Ketosis (a state where you burn your own body fat for energy). Anytime your body needs calories your fat empties into your blood stream.  It is burned for energy.  The secret is to get you into Ketosis and keep you there – without difficulty!

Exercising along with Ketogenic dieting can be difficult to calculate your intake calories.  It can cause problems.  No need to risk that.  There is time to exercise after losing.  It will take less effort when not carrying all those extra pounds – you will feel better.  I promise.

I am not going to get into the diet here.  I am going to explain why diet and exercise can clash for you

If your goal is to lose weight safely as fast as possible – if you have more than 10 to 15 pound to lose. 

I really believe losing pounds should be limited to diet if you are in a hurry.  (I ran 5 miles a day for years and years and never lost a pound – I had to get to over 5.5 miles a day before it did any good.)  If I went on a Ketogenic Diet I lost 5 pound every week without exercise – a women will lose 3.5 pounds.

I don’t want to oversell this idea….but it is science.

Stop and think about your own dieting experiences. 

How many diets failed because from time to time you got very hungry or maybe light headed and weak.  That was your body telling you it needed food and you were not in Keotsis” – you were not in a condition where you were burning your own body fat – you were using what was left in your digestive system.  You had to “burn up” anything that was left in that digestive system before your body would dump fat into the system to sustain you and give you energy and you were no longer hungry.

Your body “screamed out” to you – feed me now!  That is uncomfortable – hunger – light headedness – weakness – called hyperglycemia (low blood sugar level).  Once every digestive nutrient in your digestive tract was used up – your body then dumped your stored body fat into your system as needed.

That is a simplification of what happens.  But it is also why so many diets fail.  We eat a little too much – we cheat off the recommended “actual” diet sheets –  we get hungry and miserable.  Sometimes just the diet we are using has too much food and makes us hungry.

If we regulate exactly what we eat and stay in Ketosis we are comfortable and losing fat.

When we exercise along with diet – it is difficult to calculate how many “calories” to intake by eating – so we lose the maximum amount and still stay healthy and safe – while in Ketosis.

For those of us who are or were “Jocks” – we know the feeling of practicing or playing too long and getting weak and extremely tired – we know that feeling we cannot go on or we are desperately hungry or weak – sometimes it’s called “hitting the wall” – we then had to pushed through it – when we did – we got a “second wind”.   We had new energy and felt good – maybe better than prior to that point.

That is Ketosis – it is where we are living off what is stored in our own body.  As athletes – we pushed to that limit(wall) sometimes every day.  Runners try to “Carbo load” the night before a long race to go further before “hitting the wall (Ketosis).  It is a universal idea – but not really referred to by the scientific term “Ketosis”.

Ketosis has been “bad mouthed” by some.  It has been labeled unhealthy by others.  That is because they do not know the truth or fail to acknowledge it – or – they just plain do not understand it.  I worked with a Ketogenic Diet for years and years with a doctor, nurses, testing and medical charts – hundreds and hundreds of patients – many times over 500 at a time  – I had the proof and results.  It works.

The skeptics have not looked at what is real and done every day. 

Athletes are in Ketosis every day – or even many times each day.  It is normal – it’s why we store fat to begin with.  It is what animals do all summer if they hibernate in the winter.

In the US, possibly 80% of our population are overweight – according to weight charts.  It’s just a fact.

Getting into Ketosis is miserable.  In dieting – you want to get their ONE TIME and stay there.  Be miserable (maybe) once and then it si clear sailing to burning off your fat.

So – the reason I say to diet first – then exercise.  Lose as fast and safely as possible.  Get the pounds off.  Don’t do both.

There is enough to learn and do to stay losing and in Ketosis.   You learn how to “read” your body signs. Your energy will improve.

You will have lots of energy just losing and being in Ketosis.  Get the fat off – then go into the rest of your health program.

We used to teach 3 phases. 

#1. Losing the weight – a Ketogenic diet.  A Ketogenic diet does not fail – people always lose when they follow it – period!

#2. Adjustment Phase. The second phase is readjusting to your new body size while creating new eating habits – choices.  This phase is “absolutely not” the same as the restrictive #1. Ketogenic phase.

It is adding back in new foods and learning the plan to MAINTAIN your new size.  (Most people never go through this –  they say dieting does not work -that is not true -they regain their weight as they go back to old eating habits and lack of exercise.)  The weight was gone from the loosing or dieting phase.

The dieting portion of the program does work – and works VERY well.   The “patient” just dropped out before learning what is next.  Phase 2 and 3.

It is at this point (phase 2), you can begin to slowly add exercise.  Maybe stretches and walking or mild jogging – whatever interests you.  There is still a scientific method to determine your needed daily calorie intact based upon your new chosen activity level.  You can calculate it for yourself with confidence.

You need to learn new food choices as well as what exercise works for you.  You need to recognize and practice a new phase to maintain your new “self”.   This is not losing – it is maintaining and it is where so many fail.  It is not hard – but it does take a new phase and plan to be successful here.

#3.  Maintaining Phase – for life.  That last phase is a practical lifestyle that will include occasional “pig outs’ or periods of lack of exercise.  Again – you can still calculate needed caloric intake.  It is a lifelong program to maintain.  It is a completely new program – phase 3.  Most people never get here.

Loosing is not HARD – if you learn the science and recognize your own body signs.  Learn the process and why it works – why it might not work when you eat a “little” too much.  A little too much keeps you hungry.  Simple science!

From a practical standpoint – and – from my own personal experiences –  For me – I set a limit on my weight scale as to how much I will gain before I “panic”.   Usually it is 5 pounds.  I will then just go back on the Ketogenic Diet for a few days (a week or less for 5 pounds).  I then get back to my goal weight.  It is simple if I just get on the scale a few times a week.  Restart when I have gained – back to my goal weight.

The secret is not to wait for 10 – 15 pounds gained or more.  Then it becomes harder and more frustrating.

Controlling your weight after losing can be simple.

Losing your weight to reach your goal weight can also be simple and easy.  If you take time to learn the science – Once you understand and believe in it –  you will KNOW why you are not hungry and losing – or why you may be hungry and frustrated.  You will know how to “fix” the hunger – it is so simple.

But most do not know the science and are frustrated and confused.  They have not had access to the science.


I have total and complete scientific proof this method will work for everyone. 

There is NO question as to its safety, effectiveness or the results.  You must understand there is science and mathematical calculations to test it.  It is not controversial.  It works for everyone.

I say lose the weight as fast and safely as possible.  Don’t start 2 programs at once.  Get though weight loss before starting a second program – exercise.  There is plenty to learn about your diet and body just while you lose your fat.  You then learn your exercise needs and the programs to do that.  Doing both at one time is very, very hard to scientifically calculate and regulate your safe results.

Put together your plan.  Lose your weight first.  Then start exercising and adjusting to your new “normal”.

By David Kerchner   April 19, 2017