We have created our own Florida Vacation Giveaway Contest. So – I can assure you we will confirm this prize will be given away!  We will personally experiment with how a contest works and why.  We will report our findings in our upcoming articles.

Do the other companies actually giveaway what they show on Facebook?  Does the vacation, car or home really go to a winner?  We will research it.


What does a contest do for an individual?

Why do companies create giveaways online?  And – why do people register for a chance to win?

We people all like the idea – we might win something.  It’s why we play the state and national lotteries.

The odds are long we will win.  But – people like the excitement of watching the drawing.  We all hope, against hope. we might win.  That’s why the contest works for us.   A little diversion and hope to our “normal” lives.


A contest serves a purpose for the government.

The state and regional lotteries were created to provide huge revenue streams for state or regional government programs.  The chances of our winning are infinitesimally tiny.  But the advertising and romanticizing of what we could do with the winnings draws the public(us) in.  It is a very tiny investment “out of pocket” for a chance to win on our part – but – it provides a huge income stream for the government.  The government makes big money while we experience the suspense before the disappointment (for most) of the drawing.  A cheap entertainment for us – and someone does win.

It raises millions upon millions of dollars for government programs.

Private contests are different than government ones.  

A business creates a giveaway.  They offer the chance for you to win something of value.  The people who register to win give the business their email address and usually take a survey.

The survey tells the business what other interests the person registering has that that business can provide to them.

The business then follows up with emails to the new email registration – opt in.  The return emails then offer new information about the contest giveaway prize as well as new offers catered to the survey questions acquired from that survey. The business then makes online offers that might interest the person registered for the contest and possibly acquires sales.

The contest provides interesting  and exciting “views” about the prize for the person registering.  The prize looks more attractive.  The business is then able to make specials offer by email related to questions answered on the survey.

With vacations – we have observed as many as 5 million “views of a single Facebook post showing a beautiful beach and ocean view.

People dream of a warm sunny day on a beautiful Florida Beach and welcome registering for a chance to win one.  They also respond to special offers for discounts if and when they vacation there.  Or maybe they have other interests that can be met.

We will explore which contests actually give away what they offer?  Does anyone actually giveaway that car or home?  We will use this Online Contest Section to explore which are Legit or A Scam.

The basis for most of the Giveaway Programs is usually to use the registration to take a survey about what interests you besides the contest.  That information creates an email list to send out more news about the giveaway – plus offers to your interest.  It seems everyone wants a nice warm vacation –  having someone else pay for it is a plus. That is why I created this contest to test its effectiveness.

The process is to try and increase the traffic to the Facebook Contest Posts, The person looking at the Facebook page is always encouraged to Like, Share and Comment so that it will go out to his/her Facebook “friends”.  That creates an opportunity for the contest posts to become viral.   There are often links on the posts to send you to registration for the giveaway contest which includes a survey.

So – like most contests – the odds of winning are long.  The fantasy of winning is almost a universal interest to people.  So – as long as the prize is actually awarded and used and posted to the Facebook page – there is diversion and fun for the Facebook viewer.  It is a useful tool to a business to acquire like minded people for their email lists.  It is therefore Legit.


So – Is it Legit or a Scam? 

Well – if the contest prize is actually awarded – it is not a scam.

The odds to win are long – but all contests have long odds.  The prize is what you make of it.

The business offering the contest and prize gets usable emails addresses to market things of interest gathered from a survey.

The registering people get some diversion and a little fun anticipating their possibility of winning.

The winners get featured with Facebook Posts and Stories of their prize vacation (in this case).  Usually the other social posting places get to see them also.

It is just like other contests – as long as the prize is awarded and made public to confirm it – it is Legit and not a Scam.



We will study other Vacation Giveaways and Cars and Homes and any other contests we find or your suggest to us.  We will report if the prize actually gets awarded in those contests.  But – all contests or giveaways or office pools are NOT a “good Investment” so to speak.  It’s a little diversion and fantasy from real life.  And someone does win as long as it is not a Scam.


By David Kerchner – April 16, 2017