Mobile Home Giveaways – Legit or a Scam?

New car giveaways – Legit or a Scam?

I have a friend – Kathy – She “likes and shares” every contest and “comments” how she would love to be the winner.  The contest shows up for a day or two on Facebook and then is gone.  It shows a picture of a beautiful manufactured home – or sometimes a Tiny House   

– or a beautiful cottage.  The day of the giveaway is usually only a day or two after the contest shows up.  Then the  page disappears after that day or two.  Its gone and ended.

Never is there an announcement of the winner. There is not even a registration form to sign up to win.  Just like and share..  The Facebook post claims that a “like and a share” enters you to win.  How does that work exactly???  Never once has anyone ever seen the proud winners’ pictures posted standing with them standing in front of the home – let alone the family moving into it.

This is a scam.

Understand – if I was giving away a 30 to 60-thousand-dollar home (or more).  I would be promoting it for months and months leading up to the drawing and for months afterwards.   I would make daily posts of the winning family and their travel to move in and adjusting to the new home….I would be having daily reports of how much they liked their new home.  And – I would be advertising on that Contest Facebook Page that I have many more of these beautiful homes to sell to other people…please come and see them – the winner really recommends how nice it is.

How else could I afford to give a home away.  I would need “one hell of a lot” of sales to offset that huge giveaway cost.  Very difficult to accomplish.

Think about that cost – think about what return would have to be achieved in my advertising created sales to pay for a 50-60 thousand or more giveaway.   How many home sales would this giveaway have to create in order to “make sense” to spend a new home cost to promote the business.  Does it make any sense when you think about it logically?

it would have to be a cartoon house to make financial sense.

You could only make it work if you are using the giveaway to create a huge opportunity to sell hugely profitable products – many many more homes sold – against the cost to run the contest and hand out a home.  Market to the people – but you would have to have a registration page with email and name.  There is none on these scam contest sites.

Now how about a beautiful new car giveaway?

Recently there were Facebook Pages touting a big contest to win a new car.  They showed  a beautiful Audi or Land Rover.  More recently they have toned it down to a Chevy or VW or some other less expensive car – but still the same claim.  Like and Share to register to win.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't see how they will get your name to give you the car if you are the winner.  There is NOT a registration page for you to win is there??????.  Do you see a way to win then?  There is NONE!

I'm not gong it belabor this – these so called Giveaway Big Item Contests ARE A SCAM!  These Fake Contest Pages solicit many likes and shares – they collect your Facebook Data and when they reach a high number they can sell that page to someone else.

That person then will change the look and purpose of the page – they change the pitch and pictures of the page and send it back out to all you likes and shares that were gathered.  You have no idea how they got to you.  They can market anything – they can create new scams – malware offers to take control of your computer and on and on.  You have NO CLUE!

There are groups that make these Facebook Pages and gather the “likes and shares”.  They then sell that Facebook Page to other scammers to use. They can get a few hundred up to thousands of dollars based upon number of visitors. It is their business.

I can assure you that a real contest would run for a very long time.  It would have an actual registration form for the drawing.   It would have daily or several daily ads to get thousands and thousands and thousands of “likes and shares and comments” but also an email “opt in” sheet to register in order to win and to create a huge and useful email list.  Then – the registering person would get lots and lots of email ads and offers. You must pay for that home or car somehow!  (I know the process as I have a vacation giveaway.)

An expensive giveaway with only “likes or shares” and no actual registration is a SCAM.


My giveaway – Florida Vacation Giveaway – costs us a much less expensive vacation prize.  It creates an ongoing interest in the prize. It creates a huge email list that caters to people’s interests.  The contest lasts for months before the giveaway – maybe 6 months.  You promote the winner before and after to create more interest and more emails onto your list.  You do ask for “like, share and comment” but you always get a sign up or registration “name and email” for the contest – thus a useful email list – and a real prize giveaway with pictures.

My Contest gives away the prize!!

If Legit – YOU get many pictures and stories from the winner.  You put them all over your Facebook Page.  Lots and lots of the winner’s stories in their own posts to your Facebook Page.  You prove the legitimacy of the giveaway.   And – it promotes more excitement for more people to sign up for the next giveaway. You want the daily or twice a day posts to go viral.  You want everyone to KNOW the prize is given away and used.  That is legitimate and real.

So what does this Scam Manufactured Home or Car Giveaway do for the Facebook Page “owner”?   

Here is a direct excerpt from Facebook Scams * Scams – a search result on Google.

Mobile Home Giveaway Facebook Scam

written by Brett M. Christensen August 5, 2016

Facebook Page claims that you can get a chance to win a mobile home from “Redwood Unique Homes” just by liking the Page, sharing a post about the giveaway and adding a comment.

Brief Analysis:
The Facebook Page is fraudulent and it is not giving away a mobile home as claimed. There is no prize and no winners. The Facebook Page is a scam designed to rapidly accumulate large numbers of page likes. After the bogus Page has gathered many new likes, it can then be used to launch other kinds of scams or sold on the black market to other scammers.

I did not know the purpose of these Scam Contests because I did not realize what you could do with all the likes and shares. 

Apparently, the page can be re-purposed and re-populated with new information and new items to sell you something – yet the ranking stays high from that past scam contest – so the likes and shares stay – the identity of those like and shares stay. They are there for the use of a new Facebook Page installed over the previous contest one.

The number and identities of those “likes and shares” are retained from the activity of the contest site – yet they can be used to re-purpose and re-sell something new.  The fraudulent Facebook Page Owner can then sell that page for hundreds of dollars to other scammers.

So many people “like and share” in the hope it might not be a Scam – but the possibility of devious activities directed back to the “liker and sharer” is not worth the risk – the entire purpose to the Contest Scam is to Scam the people into some other activity that is not the intended or expected.

As we are always told – if it seems to be too good to be true – it is!  And – if the contest makes NO SENSE – don’t – don’t touch it.    It is for the absolute purpose of extracting money from you and there is NO PRIZE!

No home to give away!

This is absolutely a Scam!!!!!! Stay away from it.


Liking, sharing and commenting is used so you send the Scam Contest Facebook Page to your email friends.  They then add their like and share also.  This adds people.  When the scam nears 100,000 “likes” – the scammer will sells it to another scammer.  The site is then re-purposed with a new look and message.  It is sent out to you again with a new scam.  But this time they try and extract money from you. The new page looks completely different – you have no idea how you got it or why – but – your identity is still attached to the new page and these new scammers are out for your money.  They are very good at the process – you must learn to protect yourself. Stay vigilant – no contest gives away expensive prizes for no logical reason…period.

It is not Legit – this is a scam.

There are legitimate contest giveaways – I have one.  Florida Vacation Giveaway.

But legitimate ones require registering with your email and name to qualify for a chance to win.

   by Dave Kerchner –  April 24,2017