Scientific – Medical Diet Proof!!!

Why would you take my word for anything?… Why would I know if Weight Loss is Legit or A Scam?

I consider myself a “Weight Loss Expert”.  But why should you?  Read this and decide for yourself.

In the 1970’s I started working in the Weight Loss, Exercise and Health Fields.  Here is my background:
First, I played sports all my life.  I Was Training – Practicing from a very young age.
My father had me throwing baseballs and footballs almost before I could walk.  The point is, I started “training and practicing” before I started school.  Over the years I played organized Baseball, Football and Tennis – throughout grade school on through the high school years.  I also spent most of my days outside playing those sports for fun.  In college, I discovered I was probably too little for Football (to be effective) so I took up Rugby.  I played rugby onto my 50’s.
What does that have to do with Weight Loss?  Well, I observed and practiced training, some diet restrictions and watched everyone around me.  Exercise did not really yield weight loss results unless you used a very restrictive and controlled diet.   I confirmed it while being around my fellow teammates and watching their eating habits.
When a weight loss program was used in connection with vigorous exercise – I observed there could be major problems for that person.  It is hard to count calories when vigorous exercise is needed.  There are too many variables to count calories as you exercise and diet also.
I will explain much more about this in my coming articles to help you understand.  It will sound counter to much of what you have heard and been taught.  I can assure you a rapid weight loss diet plan take careful scientific and medical planning to get the best results.
Why it began.
My actual weight loss training began in the 1970’s.   I was working at Scandinavian Health Spas as an instructor.  They had a protein powder and a vitamin-supplement pack that was offered to the clients for a quick loss diet plan.  They also offered their products through an “in house” health and juice bar.
A friend of mine took that product (the protein and the vitamin – supplement pack) – he added a very restrictive calorie – weight loss instruction sheet – we began marketing it in a MLM format.  The program got amazing results when followed.  My friend (and many others of us) grew the business to several millions in sales.   I was involved with it.
During this time, my friend – who was also an area manager for Scandinavian Health Spas – had disagreements with upper management and was let go.
At that time, the owner of Scandinavian Health Spas was also selling out to Bali Spas – he was then dput in charge as president of that division of their Corp – he also shut down the Weight Loss portion of his business and our MLM.  Our diet business was gone overnight.
My friend did not have the money to buy and open his own gym/spa.  He wanted to stay in the health field.  He researched all the Weight Loss Centers of that time.  He hired a nurse and manager from NutriSystem and started his own program.
How it became scientific and provable.
That Program became Physicians Weight Loss Center.  Why is that important?
That program was a Ketogenic Diet.  The dictionary defines Ketosis as “the state at which your body begins burning its own body fat for energy”.  In reality – your body must be in ketosis before your body can “dump” your storage fat into your blood stream to be burnt for energy.  No ketosis – no weight lost.
Please note – I will substantiate the science for you.  I will give you article after article to teach you the science.  I will teach you to understand it all yourself – and allow you to analyze any and all diet programs for yourself – you determine the validly – or not.
You can't fight the science.
Physicians Weight Loss Center started with nurses, a doctor and doctor exam, blood work, EKG, fat percentage, urine check each visit for ketosis, specific instructions for meal planning, a B6 shot once per week, vitamins, potassium, at least 2 protein packages (per day).  We weighed the patient, checked their urine, reviewed their diet intake sheets at each visit.  We charted body measurements and fat percentage every 2 weeks.  We repeated the doctor exam, blood work and EKG at 10 weeks.  We had individual counseling and behavior modification classes each week.  ALL CHARTED on their patient chart.  The Company had an internal medicine doctor-professional and dietitian on staff.  There was no area we did not have access to information and help for the patient. Professional – Scientific – Provable.
With the Physicians Weight Loss Plan – we kept actual doctor’s charts and entered all scientific data concerning each patient.  There was NO ambiguous or questionable results – the results were all charted.  If they were in Ketosis – they lost – if they were not in Ketosis – they did not lose.  Scientific – measurable – all on the charts – no emotions – only science and proof.  It was a rapid wight loss diet plan.
We could test, prove and guarantee results because we tested the urine for ketones by using a Keto Stick.  You got both a detox diet and weight loss using the program.
I started with 3 Physician Weight Loss Centers.  I had well over 500 patients on the program in any given week.  I owned the centers, I worked in them, I taught the classes, I filled in the charts.
      Women lost 3.5 pounds per week – men 5 pounds – period! – if they followed it . That is a rapid weight loss diet plan.
My history in Weight loss and why people come to me for information. 
I was considered an expert for years.  I sold Physicians Weight loss Centers for a profit after several years.  I later worked with Hollywood Weight Loss Centers and I started my own centers called Thin ‘ n Thrifty.
For my personal company/program, I sat in front of an old 286 computer and used floppy discs to write a 165-page Weight Loss Business and Training Manual for my own centers.  The reason I point that out is – I wrote it from memory – I sat down and started writing – no notes – it included everything needed to open and train my managers – including the diet instructions – the reasoning for it – as well as recipes.  Complete instructions for both the instructors and the patients.
Many ask me why I am no longer in the Weight Loss Business in the way I was before.  The business structure has changed.
If you observe today – there are no real National Programs left that the use “Doctor Office” store fronts.  Even NutriSystem is now TV ads and the internet.  The down side of it all – there are no longer medical charts and medical tests to prove a program’s effectiveness.  There is not personal and up close help for the dieter.
We had over 1000 Physicans Weight Loss Centers..  I had the no. 5 and no. 9 centers with Physicians Weight Loss Centers.  I also bought, sold and traded centers over the years.  I would go into failing centers.  I had to fix them in 45 days or less or they would close.  It was a business.  I was effective at getting people to successfully lose their weight and I also understand how it worked.  I also knew the business side and all its intricacies.  Many times, I had to save the other owners and their centers.  Mostly i  got results for the patients and they lost their weight.
In addition, I continued to play competitive sports into my 50’s.  I trained for almost 30 years in order to play. I also survived throat cancer.  I worked with chiropractors and nutritionists to maintain my health, I counseled many others to help with their health.  It's a healthy hobby of sorts and a life long learning process.
In the Weight Loss Section of Legit or a Scam, I will offer analysis of diet programs as well as other health concerns.   I can draw upon other health professionals (when needed) if I am unclear about your questions or the answer.   It has been my life’s work to keep myself healthy and help those around me to stay healthy  – while they help themselves.  I have helped thousands follow quick loss diet plans.
The first thing for you to do – (memorize and store in your brain) – when it comes to WEIGHT LOSS – KETOSIS IS THE STATE WHERE YOUR BODY BURNS ITS OWN STORED FAT FOR ENERGY.  If you are to lose your stored fat – you must be in ketosis. This is science – not emotion – you can't ignore what is 
Upcoming articles will discuss the science.  It will discuss how you loose and why.  We will critique other dieting claims.  I do consider myself an expert – but mostly because many, many knowledgeable and experienced people took time to teach me over the years.
By David Kerchner  written on Easter – April 16, 2017