First let me tell you what it is.  It Works Global is a multi-level Marketing system.  They specialize in weight control products.  Their first product – that began the company – was a “body wrap” to lose inches.  They marketed it as a weight loss method or inches lost program.  They then added additional health related products.

On various rating sites I have seen it rated in the top 10 – on another ranking site of the top 200 – it ranked 19.  So, some people are making money and some people like it.   It is more “liked” than many other MLM companies.

I have several friends involved It Works!.  One is male and making nothing.  The next is a man and women team – she is also a massage therapist and he knows MLM – they are making some money and using the products – the third couple recruited the other two – they are making more than $20,000 per month.  That wife created some fun things on social networks to attract interest.  She has developed a following to her fun posts with a link to her products and business opportunity.  That helps her get the “wrap” parties and some customers and then presents a business opportunity.  The beginning business entry level is $99.

This is a typical marketing method for MLM – Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing..

This companies first product and marketing method was using “wrap” parties. The first enrollment point to join in the business is $99.00. It includes several wrap products to introduce to friends or relatives to try..  They suggest a “get together” wrapping party. It Works provides the instructions.  At the meeting/party, people sample the “creme and wrap” to encase a body area – it's left on to be absorbed for 45 minutes.  At the end, you have lost visible inches.  The have documentation with pictures of the changes.

The explanation is the applied “creme” removes toxins, water and dissolves some fat into the circulatory system.  The effect is to last for some time afterwards.  It does show results.  But in my opinion it is not permanent fat loss.

The company later added the normal Protein and Nutrition Products, an essential oil line and some sportswear with their logos one it.  The products are high quality – they have the usual backup science behind it.  All are effective and the process to market it is working for them.

They have a professional website and training.  They market their fun event filled “body wrap” parties/meetings to lose inches.  They then present an business opportunity to earn some extra income or create a very profitable business.  They claim great support groups to help and have lots of enthusiasm.

I have tried some of their protein just to taste it and I reviewed the science of it all.  It is safe and it does work – but more on that later.

I will comment on products and effectiveness later.  But let’s look at the compensation.

Here are some images on here about the compensation.

Above is It Works from their own postings – their actual numbers on who is making what – what money and what percentages apply.  If you will check my math – from the Emerald level down ($10K-$95k per year) on their chart – If you add the percentage of people in those levels (the bottom 6 levels of 9) – it is a total of just 4.35% of all distributors.  And if you add just the bottom 3 levels it is only .27%.

The number are the numbers.  You should draw your own opinions.  In fairness to all of us.  Less than 5% of us make big money.  And, the percentage of brick and mortar business failures is very high also.  It works could work for you – it probably will provide some fun parties and a little income.  Like most MLM's – many people entering it are not business people.  They don't persist and follow the instructions exactly and consistently.  But some few do.  And they make big money.  Many use it to have some fun and hopefully have their fun paid for – and get their products for free – and, of course, maybe make a few dollars.

Here is my opinion of the It works program.

In fairness here – I sampled some products because I am forming an online weight loss program.  It requires some products to make it work.  Some of the business associates around me – who will also promote my diet program – are involved with It Works!.  So yes, their products would work within my program. 

If you have not read more of my posts on  – I was in the weight loss industry for more than 40 years and helped thousands upon thousands lose successfully.   I had thousands of medical charts to prove our methods and disprove many more. My method is purely science and can be proven why and how it works.  But it is not for this post.

I am not a fan of or big believer of body wraps.  My science based thoughts are this.  The crème that is used in the wrap does cause some detoxification of the skin.  It does draw out some water.  You do shrink because of it – temporarily.  The logic of it causing your body to dump fat cells in your circulatory system to be flushed away escapes me.

You would have to reference back to the word Ketosis and consider its meaning.   Ketosis is the state where your body begins burning your stored fat for energy.  That only happens when your entire digestive system runs out of nutrition and your body is forced to dump the fat cells for energy.

That’s it – that is the only reason stored fat enters your circulatory system for energy.

So, I don’t see the possibility of fat loss happening during a wrap – especially if you are at one of these “wrap” parties with refreshments.   Makes no scientific sense!  Visually you might look smaller for a period of time – but no fat loss.   Many use that visual loss for a special occasion.

The other nutrition products at It Works! are fine and healthy and effective.

But, like all MLM products – the products are usually the most expensive choice – more so even than an independent health food store.

  If you have a group around you that are successful and they are to lead you along – if they are the people making a good living with this company – it does rate well – you can make money. That is – if you do the work and treat is a real business.

The beginning product of the body wrap is more designed for a female business owner.  Usually when  you see the successful couples at It Works! – the women was the driving force in the beginning because of this companies marketing ideas.

Remember less than 4% of everyone in MLM’s make a good living –  and really only 1% are really successful.

I try to keep these evaluations simple – yet with enough information to imagine yourself involved.  Or, allow you to understand it might not be for you – or it is for you.  It takes work and organization and following their marketing method.  All MLM’s do!

If you are going to start into this.  Do some more research on your own.  Find your support group to help you build your business.  Find that one person who is going to take you by the hand and get you started.  And, take time to understand how you make the money.  if you do here is a link – not mine – and I would make nothing – but it would help them. Click Here

Women seem to do best and they make it fun.  If you want to visit the site or are considering signing up – here is a link – it’s not mine but it would help this person.

It Works! Is legit if you work it right and have help.  It is a scam if someone talks you into it and you are not prepared or determined enough to take the actions needed. And – if they are not an experienced and helpful trainer.  Legit or a scam actually depends upon you – the program and products are useful and work.  These are more expensive than some other sources for similar products.


Here are two other  programs out here that might prove helpful to you.

If you want to learn the actual internet business and can treat it like a college level training course.  There is Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer a complete training course (and I mean complete) to learn everything you could need to know.  How to build a website. How to write content. How to use the tools to market it.  How to create the pages needed to make money from your efforts.  How to use social network marketing.  And more…  It is NOT an instant income – like a college you must learn how to apply the subject matter.-but it is ALL there.

That is just a sample of what is there – there is not one thing I have found that they do not have training available for you.   And – you can join and begin for absolutely NO MONEY.  You can start your training and build your first 2 websites for no charge.  Once you get into the course and are sure it’s for you – it’s only $49 per month and that includes the hosting charge for your sites.   A good value if you are ready to learn. It truly out-performs any regular university for complete and up to date internet training.  click here


The second company I really like is a form of MLM.  It is presented as “Comsumer Direct Marketing”.   I talk about it as an “online discount membership store” – similar to Costco’s or Sam’s club – but online.

Melaleuca is a store that sells most of your regular household items.  But  – you don’t need to purchase in large quantities like a Costco – it is goods you must buy every month yourself -no matter what – they are very high quality – they are priced at or bellow any store you can drive to. There is a 97% reorder rate each month by its members because of the prices, quality.  The members like the convenience. It's high, high retention rate!

You pay your membership fee of $19 for an entire year.  You then can purchase.  You buy sitting in your living room – the goods come to your door.  When you find how good the products are – you can refer people to buy at the store also.  You then get paid an affiliate commission because you referred someone to the store.

Remember this is your daily necessary products. No real cost to anyone – ou spend it anyway.  You buy, dish soap, laundry soap, deodorant , make up and on and on already.  Now you don’t drive to get the products.  And you can then get paid if you tell someone else to shop there.

So It Works! can work if you do.  Women seem to adapt to it better.  The health products are on the higher priced end – but good.   A very small percentage make big money.  But it is legit.

  By David Kerchner May 8, 2017