Is this Destin Florida Vacation Giveaway Contest Legit or a Scam?  You decide.

The Destin Florida Vacation Giveaway Contest was created by an Anthony Morrison.

It was the model he tested and uses to sell a program called Fan Page Domination.  The Facebook Giveaway Contest is the model he uses to sell his program.

He created a Facebook Page and Registration Survey to attract people to his Facebook Page.  They then    register for a chance to win a vacation – 3-day 2-night vacation package – to Destin Florida.  The Facebook page is mostly pictures of the beach and videos of the beach.  But it works to bring a large audience and accumulate thousands and thousands of registrations to win and a huge email list.

Anthony began his page by paying for some advertising through Facebook.  The ads brought people to his Facebook Page and register.  They then get a thank you return email and then a series of emails inviting people back to the Facebook page.  They see the days posts about the vacation along with some offers for vacation discounts and planning help.  He uses AdSense ads to get pay for click income to offset the cost of his Facebook Ads.  Once he achieved ad few hundred registrations and  his use of encouraging his visitors to like-share comment every time they visit – the site no longer needs paid ads as it is building from natural traffic.  He is also continuing to receive pay for click income as well as placing other offers within his auto emails.

He always requests the visitor to “like – share – comment” on his Facebook Page.  He encourages them to come back often to look at the new day’s posts and like them.  The daily posts to his Facebook Page are shots of the Destin Florida Area and the Beautiful Beaches.  This process has created a huge following – sometimes millions of visits on a given day – people going to view the day’s posts.  And of course, the visitor will LIKE-SHARE-COMMENT to build followers.  The Facebook page has created His Email List which is now in the hundreds of thousands.

He has also used AdSense and local advertising ads to create income for himself – but he also offers things of interest to his visitors and useful information to book a Florida Vacation.   Useful and fun.

This Facebook Page is the basis for his program Fan Page Domination.


The page creates excitement for the visitor – it also places offers for discounts and specials for anyone traveling to the Destin Area or traveling in general.  Anthony provides blogs describing how beautiful the area is – how many attractions are there for people to visit.   He provides blogs to help people plan a vacation and get the best value for that trip.  Lots of special offers.

As the contest award is drawing near – his traffic goes up – more and more  people visit and register.  His email list grows.  His opportunity to offer products and services to his list increases.  He does a survey of interests in the registration process.  He determines their additional interests and caters offers to that market.  He then makes things available that might interest the followers he offers specials for them to consider.

When the prize is awarded – he gets pictures of the winners – has them chronical their vacation and fun.  They provide testimonials along the way of their thoughts and experiences during their vacation.  All this adds to the legitimacy of the contest and get more people interested.  And even more visits for the next contest.  And – the next contest starts out with the large email list already created.


The contest is definitely legit.

Anthony does give away the prize away and show it all on the Facebook Page.  He does tie in many advertising opportunities to the page.   And – yes – he is looking to make money with his adverting referrals.  But, he does offer information that is useful to the many thousands of vacationers who visit that area each year – as well as travel for vacation.

The chances of winning the prize is infinitesimal – but all contests are.  Anthony attempts to keep people interested and offer some fun.  It is working for him.   And, someone dies win each contest when it is awarded.

His Fan Page Domination Program to teach this system is expensive- it costs around $1500.  If you would follow it exactly – it could create a huge and useful email last for you.  It will require additional expenses to pay for the beginning advertising to Facebook.  You will also a need a survey plug in – an auto responder – a email system and possible some other “plug ins” depending upon how you use it.

Like most internet programs – it takes lots of learning – lots of time – and usually additional costs to actually put it to use.  But if you visit his page and look at the views – this does work.

Most internet training courses have you learn how to build a site – work on getting natural traffic from SEO and Keyword use to write blogs and slowly build a following.  This program can build your following quickly with targeted surveys to your niche and marketing to a huge email list.

If you follow my Facebook Page you can see how I found his programs to work.  It is not launched quite yet – but it will be shortly.   We will be doing a Florida Vacation Giveaway over the next few months to test the Fan Page Domination system – I hope you will visit and register so you can see our progress.   Come back and check the views and watch the progress or lack of it.

I am expecting large results and progress – but we will see.


  Dave Kerchner 5.29.17