Does Fat Loss Work?  Or – is Fat Loss a Scam with most programs and products?

This is a short essay on loosing FAT and how it happens.  You can use this simple information to analyze any fat loss method you are considering.  You can determine the effectiveness using the science learned right here.

First, consider the purpose of a weight loss program of any type.  The focal point – the absolute reason for pursuing a reducing program – IS TO LOOSE FAT  – not weight.

Think about it – loosing water – shrinking a little from some wrap or taking some pill to loose water weight is pointless.  Water will return – the lost inches from water lost will come back in a few hours.  To have permanent weight loss – it must be Permanent FAT LOSS.

As I have written in other essays within this site.  Fat will not leave you body unless you are in Ketosis!  And – Ketosis is the state were your body is burning your own body fat for energy.

In order to get in that state or condition of Ketosis – you need very few calories – you must use up all the calories in your digestive tract, Only then does your body have any reason to dump those STORED FAT CELLS into your blood stream to be used to “power” your body.  When that happens you enter ketosis – it can be tested using a keto stick to test your urine.  And when in Ketosis you are burning fat or loosing it. No other explanation – no exceptions.  In Ketosis – loose or use fat – not in Ketosis – NO FAT LOSE!

You use a Keto stick – you dip it in your urine – If the stick turns purple you are loosing fat – if it does not turn purple you are not losing fat.  You ate too much through your mouth rather than your body feeding itself.

It is science – it is a scientific test and it is absolute.  All FAT LOSE Programs must be Ketogenic by definition.

So any and all fat lose scams or legitimate programs looked at here will be presented by analyzing whether you are in ketosis or not – and – can you get in and stay in Ketosis for maximum fat loss each week.

Most programs where you do lose some fat – but also do not keep you in Ketosis 24 hours a day make you miserable.  Those programs take you in and out of Ketosis many times each day –  that causes hunger, low blood sugar levels, sometimes sweating, weakness and less than optimum pounds lost each week.

We will look at programs and their products used – what are the expected results based upon science with the very specific and scientific reasons for the results and side effects.  You will be able to understand the expected and scientific effectiveness of any program we look at.  You will be able to tell others – how a diet might or might not work by science not wishing.  You will be able to explain the science of it all.  And you will understand it for yourself.

It is not complicated nor is it a mystery as to how you Lose FAT.  And – you will know the simple truth.   Read the other essays in here to learn more.  If you have a diet that you need analysed and explained and you are not comfortable doing it yourself yet – Send it on to me – I will tell you the scientific truth of it.

It really is not complicated.  With a good Ketogenic Diet you are not tired or hungry – you have more energy than you remember having for some time – if you are a women you will loose around 3.5 pounds per week and a man 5 pounds.  It's science – purely science.

There are formulas to predict more closely what you will lose. There is science behind what you should eat and how much – to get the loss.  Why you eat it – what you do – why no hunger at all.  And…why you may become hungry by eating just a little more than you should.

I do not want to make this complicated here.  This is a simple essay of scientific facts.  If you are in Ketosis – you are using body fat for energy and loosing fat.  If you are not in Ketosis – you are not burning body fat period.  It is impossible to loose fat cells unless in Ketosis.  And – you can clearly and definitively test Ketosis (or not) using a Keto stick to test your urine.

So does fat loss work or are there fat loss scams – yes to both – if you are in Ketosis – you loose and no scam – if not in Ketosis – No Fat Lose and what you are doing is a scam – even if it is a self-inflicted scam on your part.

  By David Kerchner  5.16.17