Legit or Scam? – Which is it??? – Healthful Pursuit – Nutrition educator + Keto enthusiast.  By Leanne Vogel.

Lose weight with Healthful Pursuit – Keto Diet


If you have followed any of my blogs about fat loss – you know my entire scientific claim is you must be in Ketotsis, in order, to lose one fat cell.  Meaning by definition – ketosis is the state where your body burns its own stored fat for energy. 

There is no other way to have your body put your storage fat into your blood stream and have it “burned” out of your body by providing “operating” energy for that body.

I repeat over and over again – if you are not in Ketosis you are NOT LOSING FAT…period.  It’s science and measurable.

So…while I am completing my own program with my own instructions and food choice directions to achieve Ketosis and a healthy way of life…I am evaluating other’s programs and the expectation of whether they will work or not.

It is rare I find someone that has openly discussed their journey to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet after years of struggles.  Rarely does someone enthusiastically embrace their struggles openly to get to some type of sanity with their eating.  Rarely will someone openly discuss how they have weathered eating disorders and problems.  Leanne Vogel does that – it is helpful for others to hear and then have her explain how she changed.  She does that in her program Healthful Pursuit.

It is even more rare for the person to become a Nutrition Educator who has dedicated her life to inspiring and guiding others to also get control.  While most “dieters” privately try to control things.  They rarely take it upon themselves to spend their lives learning and teaching – This young lady has put her ideas and programs out there to help others.

Leanne Vogel’s program is a Keto Diet based upon Low carbs – High fat.   My guidance is more low carb, low fat, high protein – the results of each should be similar.   The Healthful Pursuit Program is a complete program with enormous support built in.  Weekly meal plans arrive each Tuesday to your inbox – online video presentations, Q&A available.  Leanne presents an enthusiastic message.  She believes in her method 100% and it’s contagious.  It is a woman based program and message. And – it seems more than complete.

Lots and lots of information, guidance, access to any information you might need.  Recipes, Podcasts, and directions for meal planning and shopping for the week’s food.  No special products needed although she suggests a few simple ones for even more improved health results.  Always available to answers questions.  Lots of training and educational support within her site.

I can say from my 40 years’ experience in dealing mostly with women in weight loss, if you participate in this program – Healthful Pursuit – and adopt it as given to you – it will work for you!   For anyone who has never used a Keto Plan – you cannot imagine the enormous health benefits –  energy increases –  reversal of health issues –  this type of program will bring to you.

In my heyday, I usually had around 550 people on a ketogenic diet on any given day – most all were women.  Ours was a brick and mortar – doctor’s office setting.  We had a doctor, nurses, blood work, ekg, doctor’s exam, very restrictive diet to say in Ketosis, behavior modification classes, daily visit with blood pressure cks, pulse and urine checks to test Ketosis – measurements every 2 weeks and fat % measurements.  Women averaged 3.5 pounds per week lost and men 5 pounds.  We had thousands of medical charts to prove the method of Ketosis and also test whether someone was on the diet or cheating from the diet.  We could guarantee the results because of the testing.  There was NO ambiguity…in Ketosis you lose – not in Ketosis you don’t lose.  Period!

The science in Healthful Pursuit is sound and will work.  Leanne Vogel’s personal struggles and story will inspire you.  Like a reformed drug addict or alcoholic who has conquered their disease and talks to others about it – Leanne has lived this eating disorder and knows it intimately – her personal therapy is telling her story – selling her life style – and being there to “cheer” you on.

Legit or a Scam – she is totally Legit and bubbly – and sometimes reflective and emotional with her story.  But rest assured – if you want total support and a total program that covers all bases and answers all your questions – this will be it.

I am more blunt and gruff sometimes in my approach when into my diet program.  Less forgiving.  But like Leanne’s approach it works – her message will stay with you your whole life and in moments of weakness you will hear her “little voice” in your head to push you along and advise you.

She deals with cheat days and talks about how they did not work well for her…but are available for you.  I too talked about cheat days and eating all you can for that one day and then back on the program.  But I told people – only do it occasionally – and understand the issues it causes.

It is rare to hear someone talk “my diet language” and have similar systems to control things.  Healthy Pursuit is refreshing and real – as most programs are not scientific or provable and sometimes are not even safe.  Many programs promise big lose and don’t provide it.  Many leave you hungry all the time and you still do not get the results you were promised.  Healthy Pursuit works.

Many programs are not based upon science nor does the presenter really know what they are presenting or talking about.  There are lots of pills and wraps and single product claims that don’t really do anything without a rigorous diet and you use the “product thing” as a crutch.

In my opinion, If you get involved in this program – Healthy Pursuit – and get involved in all Leanne's coaching available – watch the videos – read the messages – use the weekly meal plans and recipes – you can get the results of losing the weight to get to your goal weight.  But more importantly – this is a healthy life style which will even out your energy – improve your health – improve your digestion – help with female problems and more.

American’s diets STINK!!!!  We eat wrong and pick the wrong foods – don’t exercise even mildly in many cases – and generally live a sluggish life.  If you have never done this type of dieting – Keto Dieting – you cannot imagine the changes – the amazing new body, attitude and health improvements, more energy – that this can provide for you.

If you will follow it – It will work!  And…I am an expert in dieting – why – because I taught a ketogenic diet in a doctor’s office setting – with medical charts to prove our methods.  So it might not be me who is the expert (so to speak) – the Ketogenic Diet is the expert and has been the only real diet for the 40 years or so I have been around it.

Remember one thing – Ketosis is the state where the body is burning its own body fat for energy.  If you are not in ketosis you are not losing body fat – that science and that’s fact.  No ketosis – no fat lose.

If you need to lose – if you have some medical problems – diabetic – high blood pressure – high cholesterol – hormonal problems and more – go look around the Healthful Pursuit website and look at the information.   I know what it can do for you – I know how safe and beneficial it is for you – and I know how effective it is after watching thousands and thousands use something similar in my weight loss centers.

By Dave Kerchner 5.18.17