Is Marijuana The Sacred Plant?

Does Marijuana heal – cure – improve most medial issues.  Has it cured cancer, stopped or curtailed epilepsy, eliminated depression, stopped the symptoms of MS.  Is it’s healing properties Legit or a Scam?  Are the documented studies and healing examples legit?

Lot’s to think about here.  Lots to learn and study – decide for yourself.  Legit or a Scam?????

Why does the United States not embrace this science and healing properties purported to be readily available in Marijuana?  This simple – naturally abundant “weed” that can grow everywhere is claimed to have enormous medicinal properties.  Why was it outlawed in the 1930’s  Why?

There are enormous volumes of testimonials of miracle cures just from using the Oil of Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp.  Testimonials upon testimonials that in the US are mostly whispered underground as to benefits.  Was there a vast government cover-up and disinformation campaign to make Marijuana a class 1 drug.   Class 1 means the drug has NO medical benefit – just a way to get high.  Is that true?  Why did they classify it that way?  It certainly has some medical value and was none even then.

There is an interesting movement out on the internet – it is called –

                                                                                 Can this plant save your life?

The Sacred Plant – Healing Secrets Exposed. 

This is a group of crusaders – people who have benefited from the use of marijuana – doctors who have or are researching it – mostly outside the US –  and information and marketing professionals who have put together an education program to discuss and document real case studies with documented examples of Marijuana’s uses and benefits.

A group of doctors, research professors, laboratory research professionals who have put together convincing studies and evidence that there are great medical benefits from the use of this plant.  It is not the THC compound that gets one high – it is the hundreds of other properties in Cannabis that are being studied and tested finally to document benefits and results.  It is convincing and the programs is produced by mostly reluctant participants when they first heard about it.

First – the plant is called Cannabis, not Marijuana or the Hemp Plant – that term Marijuana was coined in the 1930’s to create a negative image of Cannabis – now relabeled Marijuana.

Reefer Madness made in the 1930's to scare the public

The producers made claim it caused loose morals and uncontrolled behavior.  They made a “Black and white” movie called Reefer Madness.  it showed kids going nuts after smoking the evil weed – Marijuana.  We used to show it in the fraternity house in the 70’s and had a good laugh – but it was put out in the 30’s to scare people and promote the movement to outlaw it.  It was serious at the time.

If you follow how this change came about – you will see a misinformation and “sleight of hand” by people in power- THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – influenced by many powerful businesses that stood to gain an advantage if the Hemp Plant was outlawed.  Hemp which is Cannabis grows wild – it regrows quickly – it can be used for clothing – paper and to replace many commercial drugs.  So –  if allowed to grow everywhere – it would shrink the markets for the tree/lumber industry and paper mills using wood – it would change the direction of the cloth – clothing industry and wool and synthetic clothing materials –  and  – of course it would substitute for patentable and big money pharmaceuticals.  A very powerful adversary for something that grows wild – costs nothing to grow – and cannot be patented.

Here is a simple comparison – one you can relate to – there is big money in drug companies and drug stores selling Valium.  It is a drug.  Yet you can buy Valerian root in a bottle in most pharmacies and health food stores – that is what Valium is made from.   You can eat a bottle of Valerian Root – you might get sick to your stomach – you might get diarrhea – you might not feel so good – but it won’t really hurt you.  Try taking too many Valiums – you can die.  Similar with marijuana – cannabis – the hemp plant – eat too much you could get sick to your stomach – you will not die from it.


This one can be deadly and Addictive

Valerian Root comes from a plant and is safe to use


By the way – the federal government holds the patents on many extracts of Cannabis that could be made into patentable drugs.  Think about it – why would they need those patents if it was to always be illegal?

Think about that!  Drugs come from plants – after they alter the plant – get it patented – and the price is jacked way up – the pharmaceutical company has its patent to have control of that tablet for the life of the patent.  We then can buy it in a controlled drug store.

Big Pharma cover-up?

And – just listen to the side effects on all those ‘big pharma” drug TV ads.  They chemically change a plant – put it in a pill – then it could fix us or it could kill us – and – they are not quite sure which according to all the warnings in their ads.  But – we should take it anyway.  Right?

There was no reason to classify the now – Marijuana – a class 1 drug and severely restrict it while they   outlawed its distribution.  Except – it was good business for other industries – not so good for curing or helping people naturally and safely – with no side effects – and miraculous results.

Now full disclosure from me personally.  I have always been a big crusader against drugs – any drugs.  I have never smoked Marijuana.  That’s not exactly right – I once took 3 puffs of a joint because a girlfriend said she would sleep with me if I did – I was in college –  it was a weak moment at that time – but that is my entire exposure to illegal drugs.

The folks who produced this education program – The Sacred Plant – Healing Secrets Exposed – about the benefits and good medical outcomes of using Cannabis – they talk about their religious beliefs and upbringing – being taught how drugs were bad and Marijuana is bad and on and on.  Many were forced to try Cannabis because of life threatening conditions with themselves – a family member – their child.

One had a father-in-law with stage 4 cancer –  he was brought home for hospice and could not eat –  they only got Cannabis to ease his lack of hunger and try to ease his passing – he recovered completely and is still here today.  That worked and was unexpected at that time.!

Spokesperson for this information and it was his father-in-law.

Another 2 couples had young children with violent episodes of epilepsy – their prescribed drugs were not working – the side effects were very bad and not effective anyway – they moved to Cannabis oils and got relief and less epilepsy episodes – less violent – and no drug side effects.  It worked!

A lady in Israel has MS – she is a mother with young children – she was having big problems – she is now  using cannabis to eliminate the symptoms and live a normal life.  It is working!

These are but a few examples.  There are interviews with the researchers and doctors.  Explanations of research and testing protocols.  There is documentation of the results.  Later there is instructions for the use of the Cannabis products.  Products available without the intoxicating affects.


The series first introduces the history of the plant and its uses – going back thousands of years.  That is how they coined the term The Sacred Plant – as it was treated as such in the distant past.

They then deal with results for people with Pain – Anxiety – PTSD – Alzheimer’s – Opioids – Epilepsy – Autoimmune Diseases – Cancer – Reversing Aging – Increasing Memory – and the dosing for each.

They discuss where to find and access the plant. How to use it.use.

Lastly, they talk about what is next and how it impacts us all.

The program was created to spread the word.  It was put into an education program that can be bought in a downloadable program or mailed out to your house in discs and booklets.  They say the money is used to further research and fund some treatment program for people.  $97 dollars downloadable or $297 for disc & written.  But you can see some of it for free but they take down a lesson after a short time and it is not all available at one time that way – they use the money to promote their message and help people.

All packages are buy one and get one free – they want the information shared with family, friends or even your doctors.   If you are not satisfied – you can get your money back for the first $90 days.  And – still you can keep the program.  That leads me to believe the really do want the information out there and shared.  That’s why they give you 2 copies – they want people to know abut this.

The downloadable program is $97 dollars – the other 2 programs provide 2 physical packages as well as the downloadable one and is $297.

go here for more information

I think that anyone with critical medical issues should consider getting this information and judge for yourself.  In some cases, when you get so sick you have nothing to lose – there are no drug side effects – as I understand it – and it could be used with traditional protocols – you have nothing to lose by trying these methods and it could save your life or at least relieve many symptoms.  Pain relief – nerve issues -cancer and more – drugs do not cure – they mask symptoms usually – temporary relief.

The one contributor talks about treating here advanced stage breast cancer that was spreading to other places – she goes through her journey of treatment.  Making her own cannabis oil and putting it in capsule to consume it.  Her husband in the 70’s had early stage glaucoma and had used marijuana for years to help with it – their testing was not so scientific – when they could not get ‘WEED” the symptoms returned – not a scientific study – just the problems in the US of having access to Cannabis as they traveled in the US allowed normal observations.

I am not passing judgment for you personally – you will need to study the testing for yourself.

I survived  throat cancer more than 10 years ago – I did traditional treatment and had terrible side effects – it cost me my teeth – my digestions – my health for many years.   Only now am I close to full recovery by using non-toxic foods and products.  I will not do it again if it is ever needed.

The information appears to be legit.  The protocols have science behind them and some studies going on outside the US.   I have health background and it seems sound advice they have here.  For you and any friends or family that have debilitation medical issues – I would explore this protocol as I would traditional ones.  There does not appear to be ANY SIDE AFFECTS to The Sacred Plant– that is important to me –as I have lived through major side effects.  If you have interest – go here,.

As a final – Is it Legit or a Scam  – the scam can apply to the Federal Government – the paper industry – the cloth and clothing industry – and, of course, big pharmaceuticals – they all qualify for a major scam alert for making marijuana – cannabis – hemp illegal and a Class 1 Drug.  They have caused many, many terrible suffering deaths in my opinion.  As far as the value if The Sacred Plant – watch the information and make our own decision – if I get cancer again – I will use it this time.

Dave Kerchner  June 10, 2017