My website is titled – so what is – is it legit or a scam????

I have not posted for a while – I have been working on my own marketing system.  I have had to study survey systems, email capture, autoresponders, placing ads on Facebook pages and more.  Maybe you have seen my questions within Wealthy Affiliate looking for help.  No real answers that I could use – usefully – to actually make money!!!  Not yet.

I asked which is best? – Survey Monkey – Getresponse – Aweber –  Zapier – Divi within WordPress and more.  Click Funnels – Fan Page Domination – Success Connection – EZleads – All these many programs had to be read – videos watched – everything analyzed first to see if it seemed right – then learn to use them – put them altogether- test if they are compatible.  Then I learned some did not work well with others.  Then adjust – sometimes change the plug in – add more – keep working to get anything to start working together and make money.   Then new creation  tools – Canva – MonoSanp – MooOVoice and more.  Always more!.

I have spent the over 6 months now searching – learning – trying to absorb it all – trying  to get just one thing working – producing – then making money.   But not quite yet!!!!!!  Almost – but not quite.

I bought programs – studied the instructions and suggestions of the plug ins needed – but each person I talked to suggested another – a different one to use.  Never quite working as promised.

So, who is right – which one/plug in is easiest to use.   Still don’t know! – still do not have a complete system within my .coms and Facebook pages I have made and want to use.

So – after trying one or two – then more – finding they did not do what I was looking for – or I was too “un-techy” to learn and use them correctly –  Someone sent me something.  An amazing system ready to go –

A full system – complete training to use it – people to ask if you have problems – access to useful leads of all sorts – some free leads – a website – landing pages to get you started.  Many series of auto-response emails depending upon the prospect's level of interest – ones for customers – associates – and already written to use – landing pages to direct people to where to buy.  Places to insert your company’s videos or messages.   Everything – everything!


The only thing not there is the survey I need to start my vacation giveaway contest – but – I know where to go get that now – then all else can be done within  But – the survey is not needed right now to start making money.  Not needed just yet.  And when I go back – just the survey plug in – then it will be linked to  – that’s all that will be needed. is a full and complete – total systemall in one placeready to goinexpensive there is a free trial period.  Only 7 days – but you can be up and running in 2 and get 100 free leads to make it work as soon as you launch.   Good leads.  Later begin for $12.95 per month and the premier version for $29.95.  There are 100 free leads and then good leads you can buy if you want.  But with leads available-  a complete system that is inexpensive compared to buying all the tools separately – you can be up and running and making money in short time – believe me I know!

You get already created landing pages (that you can customize easily if you choose) – auto response series of emails (also can be customized if you desire) – a back office that tracks everything –  an 800 number to use to take incoming calls or you can direct people to go and listen to your message – you can record long messages to inform – take incoming messages from your associates or your customers – all set up and ready to go.  An auto dial system outgoing – designed to react to an answered (connect you) or no answer (your recorded message to VM – or an automatic email depending upon whether it is a bad number or a fax machine) –  all automatic.

I wonder if anyone here has any experience with or has even ever heard of this program.  Themightgiant.comI would like to hear of your experiences.  Leave me comments – please.  But – I can assure you it’s all there.  The program is complete.  “Mr Un-techy” (me) has put the whole system together in less than 24 hours over 2 days – it’s ready to launch tomorrow.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time here selling you that this is an amazing tool to make a business work.  You need to go look for yourselfMake you own decision.  Watch the info videos – look over the tools and training – if you don’t see the value – there is no reason to continue – is there?   But I know it is a huge benefit to me.

If you have spent time learning what is needed to make money by internet – If you have thought of buying and using the individual tools like what is already included here –  If you know the work involved –  This “tool” gives you a huge advantage to make things work no matter your business choice.  it seems like what we need – isn't it?

It should work for any business if you get a little creative.  MLM’s – product sales – weight loss – affiliate programs and more. The secret is – you get all the landing pages – websites – emails – outgoing phone system to call your leads – an incoming phone system to handle any calls you might get –  a series of pages or videos to lead your prospect through the sales presentation that leads to a sign up or sale.  It works!  It is much cheaper and most certainly less time consuming than the last 6 months for me.  I have spent a lots of money – have gone down many wrong “plug in streets” and “program streets” without finding my answer to make money.  This should change that.  And it appears anyone can use it if they just pay attention – so you would be duplicatable – which is really what is needed – is it not?

I started learning this system yesterday – (now I am obsessive and have not really stopped) – but I now have a system done – ready to go – 48 hours later.  Ready tomorrow to turn on with the first 100 free leads plus some paid traffic from our Facebook page all directed into this system.

It then educates – answers questions – and sells the program to the prospect – or it gets people to sign up for the product.  The possibilities are unlimited.  Once you see how it works – you will be looking at your niches and product choices to find a way to use this.  Wait and see.

You have nothing to lose – it is free to look and learn – it is free for the first few days – the company will supply you with 100 free people/leads to begin to market to – begin your sales – make money.   The cost is minimal compared to all that must be spent for these tools individually and you certainly don't get the written context done for you. .

This program was just given to us by a man in England who has made over $10 million in MLMs.  I believe he has used this program with one of his past companies.  He is one who is creating unique pages and emails series to send out specific to his new endeavor.  We are seeing it as it is being built – we are following his lead and using the system as taught.  He is linked directly to the corporate people who are watching and endorsing his efforts.  His is with a 1.8 billion dollar a year company – with over 1.2 million customers.  Plus – a 96% reorder rate each month. It is something complete that offers answers to most questions you need answered – answered in order to create income and a solid future. Take a look for yourself.

He is bringing in a new system to this company – one this company has never seen – it is destined to blow up the company in a good way.  And – some of us are sitting watching it build each day – getting it immediately.   Pretty interesting watching and listening and then copying.  This system once built can be handed over to anyone involved with you – intact for them to use.  It is complete to them – yet it will be personalized with their name – info – and their customers names.  Very unique and easy to use..

Here is a link to his program/company with the beginning marketing system. click here


But – can be adapted and used with several programs I am associated with and will list here.

What you will learn that can be used with – these are ones I know can use it and make money with it..

Wealthy Affiliate – a internet business training system.  It teaches you all you need to know to build websites and answer any question you might have – over 800000 members – 24 hours a day someone is in the chat room to answer any question you might have.  You can start for free – get free websites and hosting.  No question is off limits – someone will offer answers.  It is a great “university” level training platform for your assistance in your learning and growth. It is free to start and learn – you can continue for free but not have access to everything available. – ongoing you may want to upgrade for additional websites and their hosting for free – more detailed help and access to more training.  Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate payout – where anyone that signs up long term pays $49 per month –  and you receive a portion of that ongoing.  It is good value for the WA member with all the help – websites and hosting included – it is a good value for you to market it and tout its value and usefulness – just website hosting can be $49 per month and it is included along with 2 free websites – all the teaching necessary to build the sites and turn it into a money maker. Get your FREE account now.

It works! This is one of the top 20 MLM’s in the world.  It started with a body wrap – but it offers a complete weight control system including supplements and programs to get your weight off and keep it off.  This is a MLM and I am familiar with many making good money with it.  By using along with this program it could prove very effective.   Here is a link if you want to go look at this company – It works!.

Healthy Pursuit  – This is a unique weight control program – directed exclusively towards women. It is Ketogenic in nature.  The creator deals with hormonal problems and solutions – she sends out weekly diet plans with complete instructions.  She directs you what to buy in the stores and how to prepare it.  Her insights and recommendations are spot on.  She is really and truly living her own program.  She is well educated in all her instructions and reasons to use them.  A very, very impressive women and program that any women that wants huge support and encouragement would be well served trying.   This is an affiliate program where if you direct someone to begin her program you receive a portion of the monthly fee.

This is just 4 programs that could be marketed using,  I am absolutely using it with the first program – with Steve Mitchell’s training and instructions – he is the expert and I intend to follow his lead.   A complete program up and ready to turn on in less than 48 hours- unheard of – Isn’t it?

You can take and use it with whatever program you like.  Use your creativity to adapt to your products or niche.  I would suggest you might want to sign on for “our man” from England’s chosen program first   Because – he will train you ongoing – day after day.  He creates live training videos – which replay.  He is creating new emails series to use ongoing.  Additional scripts and more. He is dynamic and motivated – at the forefront of all of this.  So, for $19 dollars a year you can be involved with his company.  There are many products – but unlike most MLMs – they are not more expensive than elsewhere – they are not something you will not use every day of your week – there are over 400+ products available in the US and over 200+ overseas.  All are household and nutrition products you must use every day now – they are nontoxic – safe and great products.  I do use them myself and they work. Take a look here and decide for yourself.  Or contact me with questions.

So, appears to my “now trained” eyes to be 100% legit.  Not a scam.  Easily usable and useful.  Adaptable to most businesses.  And – if you would sign on to what “our” Steve Mitchell from England is doing – he will train us and continue to create more material to improve as we go along.  Remember he has made over $10 million in this business – and – he is making himself available to coach me/us – I will follow his directions – how about you?  Click here to learn more.

Leave me questions and comments below so I can answer them for you – maybe help guide you forward with this program.  You do want to make something work – don't you?.   I sure do!


   Dave Kerchner  6.23.17